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Databases are important sources of information in the field of technology.  With the databases, in example, we can:

  • Analyze data and make control algorithms
  • Makes cases of study of load (current)
  • Know features or behaviors of people
  • And more… much more.

So here you can find i made in mi home, for the people of the company that i labor, a simple introduction to databases that covers:

  • Installing the webserver
  • Running your first query
  • Learn about SQL basics

First install wampserver, but you could use another.  Wampserver install Apache, MySQL and PHP.

IMPORTANT!.  If you use skype, unload it before starting the server.

Next, upload the database example using PHPMyAdmin.

You must have in your hand the database schema for continuing the understanding.

There are some pre-built queries that i used in the presentation.

Here is the powerpoint presentation, one more thing… is in Spanish.

Finally, there is an example that use PHP + MySQL to make a very simple example.  Unzip it in c:/wamp/www folder and run on your browser like “localhost/MysQLPHP.php”.

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