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SELFiSSH is an electronics equipment capable to switch over:

  • USB
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • IrDA
  • WiFI / Ethernet / Bluetooth / Zigbee / GSM or another module that you want to use
  • Capable to power it via solar panel (5.5V)
  • Capable to work without self power (3.7 Li-On Battery)
  • Capable to downstream a USB port
  • Has battery charger included
  • Handheld system
  • Power it with multiple supplies sources together

I review (visually the LiPo Rider v1.1 and based the concept into this).

Here is the schematic.

Right now i am waiting the PCB from manufacture (maybe needs some corrections).



Today i received the manufactured PCB, its a beauty.  Never expected such an excellent quality.

Let me show some photos:

The primary idea is to make the device handheld



Dimensions of the pcb are 11.1 cm x 6.6 cm



There are some closer looks of top and bottom sides.

DSC02441If you put a little attention, I made a little mistake about the logo, but that’s not an issue.  I was thinking the first time that i saw it that my PC hasn’t the appropiate font and it will display propperly on the PCB ( 🙂 i think the next time i will consider seriously the warnings of the gerber viewer).



As you can see is a quality PCB manufactured.  Next step is buy the plastic case, the rubber case and quote the BOM on any electronics part source company.

An additional commentary!.  I forgot to mention that the first thing after start designing the hardware schematic and board is to select (or design) the case, because is essential to know where it could fit.

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