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Robotnik – Summit XL

Robotnik is a business company that makes R&D on the robotics area, of course they will offer products and services in this area too.  Right now they have:

  • Mobile Robots
  • Mobile Manipulators (Mobile Robot + Manipulator)
  • Robotics Arms
  • Robotics Hands
  • The NAO Robot (from Aldebaran Robotics, it’s a nice one)
  • Sells other hardware

Specifically I will bring to you the Summit XL; it’s a mobile robot in a skid-steered configuration.

Robotnik Summit XL

Summit XL

Skid-Steer Configuration

The basic characteristic of Ackerman configuration is that have a turnin radio less than his length and is appropriate for robots that displaces over roads.

Check the figures to see the hardware basics: summit_xl_frontsummit_xl_backsummit_xl_internals

In software, the Summit XL has Ubuntu 10.04 (sorry if i’m wrong) running ROS Electric.  ROS is the abreviature of “Robot Operating System”, very contradictory, because Linux is the operating system.  Anyway, ROS provides the libraries and tools to help software developers create complete robot applications based on previous works.  It provides:

  • Hardware abstraction layers
  • Low level device control
  • Robot common functionality (simulation, vision, kinematics, navigation, etc.)
  • IPC (Inter Process Communications)
  • Drivers, visualizers, package (stacks) management

ROS is released from the open source community under the BSD license; the most recent version of ROS up to this day is ROS Groovy.

This video will show PS3 SixAxis controller commanding the “Robotnik Summit XL” that has the “Universidad Tecnológica de Panama” that has the R&D laboratory “FORTUNA”.  The sixaxis controller is integrated via Bluetooth with the Robotnik Summit XL that can handle basic actions for the robot.


This video shows summit xl internals:

Finally and now is our final report SUMMIT XL – Informe Final of the course “Design and Control of Robots” will show a guide of controllers in Matlab and with ROS.

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