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Industrial Welding Machine Controller SW and Board

This project is old, but i will get them back to you.  Is a replacement of an industrial welding machine used for trigger ignitrons.


The main idea was to make an LCD interface displayed menu to set the necesary adjustments inserted via keyboard.  The menu must sustain:

  • Percent of welding level to apply
  • Trigger Pulses Max value
  • Time inversion


This is the basic diagram of the requierements of full implementation.

Before start to implement is a good way to do all the thigs on a paper or discuss it.  Beacause we don’t have a RTOS (Realtime Operative System), we developed a finite state machine to assist us as the operative system.   This approach was very clean and helpfull.



Finally you can see a photo of the parcial implementation board.  And now, we will try to implement the simulation on the hardware.interfaceboardwelding

This is the firs try of the zero cross detector board.


This is the main controller board, it has the necesary inputs and oitpus to controll the process.

Well, thats all, if you want, you can see the full report.  All the software was made in C using a Freescale MC68HC908GP32 microcontroller and Freescale Codewarrior.

Unfortunately, i don’t have all the source code.  This is an extract of code and what it does.

A related document better explained is the Resistive Load Control With Microcontroller, see it.


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