Summit XL – Robotnik Mobile Robot

Summit XL is a mobile robot integrated with ROS.  This quick project post will show the simple drive capability of the Summit with the PS3 SixAxis controller using bluetooth.  UPDATE:  Summit XL Internals

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Physical Layer Changer – SELFiSSH

I made this project to have one simple tool that cand do all the job.  It can change from usb, rs232, rs485, etc., can be powered by a battery, power source and so on.

Chek the update in the project page about the PCB manufactured!

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Databases Learn By Example

Check out my tutorial of databases, you will learn by example making queries.

This will help in your professional life because ALL COMPANIES uses databases, so understanding the basics is a good start point and adds value to your resume.

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You can found my thesis here, it must help a lot because have reusable routines in C for a lot of things.

UPDATE:  Uploaded the schematics of the boards and PDF File to print out.  Software used to schematic is CircuitMaker 2000 and Traxmaker 2000.

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Introduction to this Site

I will post here my experience about life, classes, projects and more about automation, control and embedded related, hope you like.



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This is the 4D-Systems uOLED.  Is about 96 x 64 and 65,355 color OLED.

4D Systems introduces a transparent OLED and has a few interesting products.  If you want to forget about presentation and concentrate in control, this will suit well in your project.  Both chips PICASO and GOLDELOX are straight foward and added to the ViSi Genie software is a win.

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SOMO Audio Module

Check my videos about the SOMO audio module.

SOMO Part 1

SOMO Part 2

SOMO Part 3

SOMO Final Part (watch out of the roaster :))

One possible application

OK, if you are looking for fast prototyping audio in your project, you can use various options, one is this.  Another options are SpeakJet and ISD voice chips.

Of course, speech synthesis is a big deal in 8-bit microcontrollers, not impossible, but if you want to move foward, you must use a digital signal controller or a better microcontroller (16/32 bits).

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