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Connected LaunchPad – Tiva C Series

Tiva C Series microcontrollers are the “new” ARM Cortex-M with capability of floating point operations.  They are 32-bit microcontrollers that have embedded USB, Ethernet, GPIO, Timers, and so on peripherals for your application use. What is impressive is the price, the TI Connected LaunchPad that i am evaluating only costs USD 19.99 and you could plug …

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LabVIEW and Leap Motion

    The Leap Motion Controller is an HID (Human Interface Device) thatn handles you the capability to interact with your environment without touching anything.  Just slide and move your hand over the device, make gestures and control every move of your world.   Vie the tutorial here.

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Variable Speed Drive Control in LabVIEW

There is often called Variable Speed Drive or Variable Frequency Drive.  These devices are used to control speed and torque during the timespan of the application. Check the cool application in LabVIEW using an old and common protocol like Modbus TCP that is very common in industrial control applications.

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